Thursday, October 29, 2009

why do i haveta make everying a poem/happy halloween

you're telling me about your costume--a 50's dress....okay I'm thinking lady from the 50's......your blue black eye and trail of blood down your lips...ummm...
"I'm a battered wife, and so I have all these sexy bees coming up to me. Fucking sexy insects everywhere. And they come up to me like (in that kinda high pitched ringing on the e's and i's voice) "Ummmmm we were just wondering what you were?"
"I'm a house wife."
" a beat up housewife?"
"Oh, okay. That's hilarious."
battered wives explaining, sexy insects flying away

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I take back what I said about you. You are a wonderful teacher. You push me to be better. I look forward to your class every time. My laziness is a brick wall. I need people like you. I need to be pushed.

I remember a teacher saying to my class one time that
"Whenever a student gets a bad grade, it's always she gave me an F, he gave me a D,
but when they get a good grade it's always I got an A"

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

thank you for telling me what was on your mind, on your chest. i know it was hard, but i know that its harder to be happy if you dont. i have seen you grow so much since ive known you. its difficult for me to take my own advice sometimes...but you have helped me with that too. i dont want any more silent wars, so this is my silent thank you to you. but i dont plan on staying silent about thanks for that too

Monday, October 12, 2009

the complications of being complicated

I make a peaceful day at the beach
into a jellyfish I thought was beautiful
but when people run screaming
I forget sometimes
that some will prefer filtered alternatives
to a stinging sea
why tangle yourself up in salt and so many fine grained details
why the complexities that roll in waves
why the dangers of sharks and eels and sting rays
so i wonder if i should keep them screaming
surprising them with fear and admiration
or should i capture the sting for a duller mass appreciation

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

i like troubled musicians
and not protecting my skin
i like poisoning my brain and stomach
i like sugar in my teeth and falling asleep with it there
i like testing the limits of sleep
and slapping my ear drums
i like sighing to myself
i like clouding my lungs and thoughts
i like my inability to focus on the task at hand and doing something else
i like pretending to be strong
and being weak when you dont see
i like telling you all this
yet lying all the same

LovEvolution '09

now she swallows the chemically contained
so she may be of the pleasure brained
she shades flesh spheres from the heat
and feels the pulse of love's heartbeat
and here she is tossed into altered states
and inside her sense of beauty inflates
in her heart like a balloon floating away
one she tries to catch every time and every day