Monday, January 31, 2011

im not cynical about love,
if anything i need to be a little more bitter....or whats another word for that.....realistic?
but when i hear people talking about forever
and its only been a couple of months
im as concerned as a tattoo that senses it will be removed
and i know everything looks good from out there on the bleachers
but when you get close, there is sweat, and mud and heat
theres exhaustion, blood, and grinding teeth
and if you dont take the proper time to get to know the grit first
youll be dehydrated by the early intoxication of sweet
and i know the path is long and the beginning is charged,
i just dont think there should be any shortcuts when meaning is involved
you, i, we, want to say the right things
words that are beautiful
words that keep us safe for when we need them
but speech can be clumsy
it can be crude and wait thats not what i meant
i didnt mean to say it that way!
famous voices can put you, me, us to shame
and in some situations,
language is tied to the chair of our emotions
and you, i, we simply can not speak
the thoughts that are scratching can not be let out
our tongues are bound by a silenced logic
but i want you to know how i feel!
because love isnt all beautiful
and the unromantic can really be romantic in disguise
so ill try to spell it out for you cuz i know youre not a very good speller.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

go out dancing

youre a beautiful girl on a friday night
the world around you will stop and look
at you feeling the chemicals you took
but this is all for a release
for the pinches of pressure to cease
just your body caught in a wave
music telling it how to behave
to obey the bass
shaking from the ground to your face
with those eyes made dark and bright
to speak through the dim of the light
they might call out for a dancing knight
to rescue you from the beasts that hold tight
to the sway of your hips without permission
who surprise you into submission
should your telling eyes be heard

the right moves will pull you away from the absurd
because you are meant to move this way
you listen to speakers in respect

let the beats make their speech
your attention they do beseech
so shake your ass and be polite
as they speak to you tonight

Monday, January 24, 2011

We wear a coat of memories
and the longer we wear,
the thicker it gets,
and it is warm and protective
but it is heavy and possessive
so when you remove such safe threads
when you try to pluck a warmth that has grown over time
the cold that spikes up your skin can feel like
waking up alone in the morning over and over
but you won't forget the heat that was there
no, you couldn't forget that

Sunday, January 9, 2011

i like to make friends
and meet new people
and take pictures with these people
and get drunk and dance
and smile pretty and wear dangerous shoes
i like to make conversation in bathroom lines
and tell girls how pretty they look cuz i know it makes them feel good
i like to make jokes and make people think im charming
and im special and im sweet and theres no one like
but i dont get close to many people
i cant say i love more than a handful of people
i mean this drink is really good
but you havent seen me throwing up my life
you havent read what i write
you havent seen me cry
you havent really felt me
and you probably wont
but it was nice to meet you

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the pain that life brings creates pinholes in your heart
but these allow for the love of others to fall into them