Saturday, November 27, 2010

i try to write about life in a beautiful way
but sometimes it just isn't attractive
sometimes the unexpected will pull at your thoughts
and you cant help but drown in your own head
sometimes it isnt fair and chances are cruel
and you take your anger out on small things disguised as larger things
but that a touch
a look, a sentiment,
could start the path to feeling better,
that by being there you say to someone
the struggles you carry are for you and you alone,
your mind is your own
but i will relate with you
i will help you, i will love you
i will be someone in your life
i will try to show you how beautiful you are

Thursday, November 25, 2010

i could be like one of those writers ive read about that never publishes any of their stuff and becomes famous after death and then becomes studied and printed in a book that students like me have read.
or i could be that lazy bitch that never publishes any of her stuff.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

i play songs for you
and here is my mating call
i hope my ipod selection turns you on
i hope you'll let me scroll what you got too
i hope you dont mind me taking a peek
to figure out if those tastes match your physique
see if you know about sounds i dont know
if you pirate this treasure
cause you need to listen to it now now now
if you talk to me through an art,
we can get vulnerable and deep if you want.
you can tell me about the songs you like when youre not feelin right.
we can try to play emotions if we cant play words
& light up that part of the brain, make it sway and sing
we can know each other without saying a thing
if you be the love to your music and the music to my love

Monday, November 8, 2010

you look like something
i could idealize
someone i could -unrealicize
something i put too much thought into
before it ever is anything
the thoughts that would send most people away
but keeps the right ones curious enough to stay

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


break down my wall of mundane
my "hi-how-are-you-dont-even-bother-to-hear-the-answer"
smash the window of lazy emotions
my "i dont want to deal with feelings right now,
just let the day pass,
not speaking any meaning,
moving about aimlessly,
until we realize our thoughts have dried up,"
smash that right into pieces.
shake the shoulders of my heart
and say, snap out of it!
those lungs are moving,
those eyes are telling,
words are to be exercised and stretched
they are to be shaped and
they are for you and me
so use them expressively