Sunday, March 24, 2013

A lover's request

Kiss me as deep as your thoughts
Be able to keep a secret...but not too many
Listen when my tone changes,
and be wary of your own.
Mention me in days that are far away.
Have nouns in your life that electrify your eyes.
Uncross my stubborn arms with the pull of your words.
Let me be mad...but not for too long.
Let laughter be the sun for our worlds to revolve around.
Don't be too afraid of my cooking...I'm trying.
Don't scowl at my efforts or I guess lack thereof,
I don't respond well to negativity.
I do need to be pushed sometimes, maybe shoved even,
As long as its with love.
I have a need for conversation
and a need for quiet.
A need for separate and a need to be only me,
But hold me as close as you'd hold yourself
Tell me as if you were telling yourself,
how much you love me.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

When you feel like disappearing,
You are existing more than ever.
You are present in your pain,
You are conscious of it,
Even if you wouldn't really like to be.
When you try to grasp meaning and reason
for feelings to be felt,
you will only find another philosophical question.
It's frustrating, I know,
Don't punish your time
by ignoring what's happened;
Face it and taste it and spit it out
show it that you've got this figured out.