Monday, August 25, 2014

There are things I could be doing,
but I distract & herd my thoughts
off a cliff into a glowing box that I stare at.
I ask selfish questions.
I sigh quickly for the world's pain
& then focus on my own.
I could be doing things
but I stare & sit & think about these things.
My curiosity curls upwards like smoke
& sends signals that are blurry & beautiful;
like this time in my life.
Sometimes sitting & thinking will pull at the corners of my eyes.
I get tired of the company of my mind.
I make it swim in simple,
make it act on impulse,
instead of trudging through the swamps of patient loneliness,
of self discovery,
of quiet & uneventful,
though the stirring in my heart becomes loud.
It's hard to face still silence,
to turn the glowing boxes off,
to leave it just to
the electricity of my thoughts that light up where I let them.

.Laura Curren.