Sunday, September 15, 2013

A couple days before this I told an ex I wasn't looking for anything or anybody

Something about you in my mind said
there's something about this,
about you.
& I could feel it in the pull of conversation,
I could feel a magnetism only felt by something inside,
something inside that says there's something,
that surely nothing is no longer a resident,
nothing left and something came,
& I can feel it
there and here and now.
& when I feel it like this,
I remember why there are so many feelings,
so many wonderful, confusing
fucking terrifying
but beautiful
such beautiful
feelings to be felt,
and that's something.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

If you think it'd be nice to know who I am,
to see my beginnings and my present,
to be in my presence,
then please,
show me how you do it,
show me how you love.
I know you wanna show off
tell me about your good luck
your travels,
& who you fuck.
I know you wanna make me
apart of that still,
but you never did
& you never will.