Friday, July 30, 2010

we didn't

we didnt stop talking,
but you stopped asking.
amazing how far questions can go.
we didnt stop seeing each other,
but you stopped looking.
amazing how far the world can pull you away.
we didnt start a fight,
but we didnt resolve anything either.
we didnt scream and yell,
but we didnt speak up,
and love cant be closed shut.

if you ask me i prefer a tired throat.
i prefer swollen eyes.
i prefer off my chest and a mess,
and the extremes over neutrality.
if you ask me,
if only you would ask me,
but you do not.

Monday, July 26, 2010


people tell me we have a pattern
well patterns can amount to something beautiful cant they
patterns are designs and intricate lines
the colors and twists of our creation
patterns are people
people tell me we are repetitive
but songs recycle sentiments
the stars show their faces on schedule
and our hearts skip the same pace
so yes you may call it a pattern
but i call it an endless work of art

Monday, July 5, 2010

the white pelican

we were watching a program about birds,
and there was the white pelican.
the narrator tells us that
the worlds a different place now,
so this birds gotta change.
beaks against nets and boats
oil, plastics,
all kinds of drastic
to keep up.
survivors swallow adaptation.
hunger suggests you change.
so the pelicans, they found that they could
feed on the chicks of other birds.
they changed their flight pattern
and their diet.
acceptance with no feathered riot.
they hover over the ground,
abandon the sea.
they change i guess you could say instinctively.
i hover over my own thoughts, which are wings to me,
and i ask
what will be on my plate in later years?