Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My love feels like a little kite in my chest-
& maybe that makes you laugh when I say that,
But maybe that makes you want a turn too.
So I let you try.
I add a challenge before I do.
I add some weight for you;
Ribbons to ropes in a future scope.
But this little kite is riding any up it can take,
Battling sudden turns & pride
To learn that beautiful views are not easy.
Sometimes there will be gravity
& boring reality.
Sometimes you'll prefer movement,
Even if violent,
Just to be high again.
Sometimes if you're really lucky
You can escape all branches rooted in fear,
& feel like you were made for this.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

You made me laugh
So I fell in love with you,
But with the sick part of passion,
You made me cry too.
You made my feelings each day,
Punctuated my sentences,
& held me at night.
I was lost in this.
I told you I lose my focus.
I fall from my own thoughts.
I get deeper than I thought.
I tell you sincerely, 
I hope you find your home.
& I ask why my desire hurts me.