Thursday, August 27, 2015

I always had to word 
my conversations so carefully,
to find the right ones for your tastes.
I was exhausted before I even spoke.
Naturally you'd always look baffled by me
if I was upset,
when I didn't expect those answers
& I wanted to throw my questions away.
You unwillingly learn from me;
hurling yourself over the sides of my words
& I try to catch you. 
We pretend to read minds
& resentment adds to a pile
that we pick from when we're angry.
I remember you telling me: 
"You get too deep sometimes." 
But even then,
I'd rather too than not at all or a little.
          Even still,
I want to open up your chest
   & free all the lost laughs
              & good
you should've always known.