Wednesday, June 20, 2012

You don't understand why

We were working together. A family was gathering themselves together and passing us. A white man and his Asian wife and their beautiful loud little children. I smiled at the little girl shouting for pure unexplained joy and her fat little cheeks plump in a smile. But you turned over to me and said "I'm sorry but I don't understand why white people and Asian people date or get married." horrified, I immediately responded: "because they love each other! I don't think race is a factor, it's the person. I never thought I'd date a black guy but I did because I fucking loved him." and once I said that last line you smushed up your face in a disgusted look almost as ugly as the words you thought were okay to say to me. I wanted to slap that look right off of you. How ignorant can you be? How hateful can you be when you are surrounded by people? People. I hope you're half black and half Chinese in your next life or something. Because you have an irrational hatred of people I dont wish hate upon you. The best revenge I could wish upon you is that you fall deeply, irrationally in love with someone who is not white.
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