Sunday, June 23, 2013

The internet makes love a little more psychotic,
not that it needs much help with that,
you can become click crazed,
a private public investigator;
you find yourself knowing things
you're not sure you should know
& maybe you pretend that you dont,
but you do.
Maybe you've seen all the way down their Instagram well
but still wait for them to tell you about that picture you mentally liked
which is still special, but,
you already heard it in your own words,
you already digested the cliffnotes of their personality.
Anxiety can hang in the meaning of a comment
or uncertainty in the relationship of one of your 534 "friends,"
white lies are painted with starker colors 
when there's proof you aren't where you say you are-
Ms.-uploading-a-picture-when-I sent-you-a-text-hours ago.
I sound like a hopeless romantic
lost in the quicksand of forum threads,
but I know there's a bright filter for every dark one,
that love can be connected more than ever before.
It can be carried by satellites to different lands & times.
It's as electric as your eyes lit up
with words meant just for you.
& even though you can search & search,
there are still things you'll never find,
you'll never know,
& I'm not entirely sure how it all works,
but I believe in it.

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