Friday, January 10, 2014

Just would like to add as a side note: this is not directed at anyone specific. Amy I know you read this and it's definitely not directed at you! I love you guys. You guys are ready. Okay, maybe it's happening around you. Maybe every other Facebook status has an instagramed engagement photo and omg you want one of those too. Or omg your friends are having a baby and you want one of those too.Alright,  if you want all those things, that's your choice, but most good things need to simmer so to speak.  I'm not saying the party ends when you're married, but if you feel like you want to be with someone forever, take the time to really be sure. Live together, find out their strange habits and quirks. Are you always yourself around them? Do they know the right spots to hit and make you orgasm physically and mentally? Is this what you always want? Digest their mannerisms, roll over and look at them in the morning and decide "yes" everyday. Study your feelings with this person and how they radiate out of you. It bothers me when women tell me a timeline of these goals: "I want to be married by the time I'm 26 and have kids by the time I'm 30."

And in my head I say "Uhhhh what about by the time you meet someone you feel so strongly about that you want to share your entire world with them, forever. Or when you're established as an independent human being. When you're done finding yourself. When you've found a career you're passionate about. When you're financially stable and can provide for yourself should anything happen. When you feel you've loved yourself, alone, long enough. When you can say your stories, experiences, and values have shaped you for the better. Take it all in. For awhile. Have fun. Be stupid. Make mistakes. Break hearts. Get your heart broken. The world is vast. The time is now. Open your arms not just to a man but to everything you want. Study yourself. Indulge and be selfish while you can. Explore! Go! Marinate in possibilities. Dig into your desires. Develop your mind more."
But in person I just say: "That's cool, I think I'm gonna wait awhile." 

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