Friday, September 5, 2014

Petty emotions are hard to let go of,
We like to hold hands sometimes,
& though it feels good at the time,
It's never meant to last.
If it does for you,
Then come on, you're forcing it
& the point youre trying to make.
I know it's seductive at first,
Real love
Real love does not sit,
Sunken in the past is no place for it.
Real love might even watch you leave
If it means making you happy.
Real love speaks for itself,
It says with a special kind of chemistry in my skin
Your stories, your reactions,
Your touch, the way you move,
The everything about you,
Craves presence in my life.
Even if sometimes that means
Disrupted days
& not always the same page,
There is something about the way you are existing in this world
That makes me want to watch how it plays out.

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