Saturday, June 20, 2015

Passion is a fun friend of mine

     We can stay up late
     & touch each other 
     until we can't think or speak.
     We can escape into ideas,
     forget everything to remember each other.
     But I could never call you at 2 am 
     when my thoughts are strangled around 
     the strange concept of self esteem,
     energy fueled by trusting myself.
     I could never ask you to hold my hand when I'm nervous, 
     to calm me not with an orgasm,
     but with a voice that undresses my worries
     & allows me to see them for what they really are.
     I could never ask you
     to hold everything I carry,
     the aftermath. 
     I could fuck you until I'm hungry 
     but I could never ask you to stay for breakfast. 

       .Laura Curren.
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