Tuesday, July 14, 2015

In the similar manner
          that I have to remind myself to breathe while eating,
I acknowledge that my attention can crave
   even more than I can take.
I remind myself to slow down

           with the people I let into my more than occassional thoughts.
& I ask why not try to transfer this pace 

            to other aspects of my life;
a career, 
saving money, 
buidling a talent,

building myself.
               I'm aware. 
But my energy speaks for me
   & the vessel of my body obeys.

I go where my mind takes me,
           I'm influenced by my own ways.
The past may provide suggestive signs
& I could follow them if it seems comfortable.
I may wander until I'm tired
& disenchanted by my own chaos.
But I could find a moment of my own clarity & beauty
& peace of mind may find me. 
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