Sunday, April 3, 2016

I imagine when dogs smell something
the scent tells a story;
in a matter of seconds 
my parents three dogs are introduced,
the children who hugged me at work,
the sauce slathered burrito I ate for lunch,
the inside of my car,
my spilled coffee & conversation spit,
the books I opened,
a flash of life inhaled & explained to a color blind perspective.
The more their nostrils read my presence, 
the more detailed my life becomes.
Even after a sticky adventure
swirling down the gutter where your mind just went,
or a tired afternoon I've carried with me all day,
the bones of my story remain 
to be mentally chewed on.
Humans do not smell as well 
but more selectively.
The deeper I breathe, the more I recall.
Something in the breeze melts a feeling over me.
A memory calls to me through
the laundry
the stove
the marina 
your skin 
& then suddenly 
a time in my mind is painted vividly by my heart. 

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