Friday, October 21, 2016

I know my questions 
made you want to disappear. 
I know my expressions turned sour. 
I eyed your heart suspiciously. 
The vultures in my mind 
ripped you apart. 
I threw your things out of my house, 
not risking reminders 
& because you asked for them 
so quickly back! 
I hated you for that. 
You were already in my head 
& leaving the certainty in my heart, 
leaving your shadow on my sheets. 
But we laughed so much! Yes, we did. 
That to me, echoed over the shouts
 & my last attempts. 
I had to hear that 
so it all made sense to me why-
why do people do this,
go through this? 
If that question 
makes you want to disappear, 
I encourage you to stay, 
to love yourself, even in pain
& do it over & over again. 

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