Saturday, July 1, 2017

The colors I've learned to see
are muffled by something darker. 
I know the sun remains 
burning without question, 
burning to save us all. 
But when darkness starts to suffocate, 
only my perception 
can illuminate this fact
that just like the sun, darkness, 
is always there 
& my anger makes it bleed over me. 
My calm is a cure 
for dimmed skies & eyes. 
My spirit absorbs sorrow 
& releases it like the rain 
that comes & goes. 

.Laura Curren. 

It's so easy to project the future 
onto someone else, to take their pieces 
& fill them in with your own.
I want to look past 
the fantasies I spread over their 
skin & direct them
into something wider than I know.
I want to project onto 
the mountains & the oceans, 
the vast unknown,

I want to finally see myself. 

.Laura Curren.
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