Monday, October 11, 2010

a debate

The hand holds the pen in one very decisive position
It is trapped under the spell of the index and thumb
and usually the ink contained is held by one hand
right or left
your writing, however, can be as disobedient as it wants
It can cause a fuss, it can curl, it can not be seen
It can be sharp and short, invisible, obnoxious, pretentious,
absurd, genuine, expressive
I look at my bouncing fingertips when I type this
My fingers communicate against machine
They slap buttons and touch screens
They sprawl out wild, but not to stray from keys
Keys that speak the perspective of me
I can change the color and the style
I can delete and space my thoughts
I could delete this all and you wouldn't know
but if I wrote something by hand,
You would see there was something that was supposed to not supposed to be there
something mistaken
something left out
something disregarded
something feared
perhaps a realization
a special turned un-special ocassion
a number, a name, a secret, a forgotten game,
unnecessary grocery items,
unnecessary blood clot of ink
this crossing out
this scrambling is a small grave
for what mightve been
but the afterlife of the machine,
where is that?
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