Monday, October 11, 2010

i pour the drinks of my choice.
i know my favorite dishes.
i select the scents I am stirred by.
i create laughter when i start to sink.
i set my sights.
i discover my desires with time.
i age and find ways to reinvent the bones ive been carrying around.
i sweat in shallow attempts.
i ask for time in all sorts of ways, especially for myself.
i curl up and embrace myself on harder days.
i choose the sexy dress.
i choose my sleep,
my art, my dreams.
i choose with all choices in mind.
only i can turn me on.
i tell these muscles to move.
i say what makes me coy or bold.
i hold the love to let you love me.
i smile at my reflection when its right.
i provide the touch that will tell you how.
i breathe deep and steady
and really listen to the chaos in my head.
i keep my happiness in mind.
so yes, you could say that I'm in love with myself.
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