Monday, August 5, 2013

unedited poem about unedited love

A hand holding motivation
"I know you can do better than this
but, you're still doing well,
and you look really pretty today."
Let me be who I am
but don't let me be that
if I'm being a bitch,
or lazy,
or a lazy bitch.
Remind me of kindness,
remind me of gentler words
when my head hurts and I need to eat,
when my tongue needs to be wrestled,
metaphorically or physically,
so I shut up and my nerves are happy.
remind me that there is still beauty
that needs to be appreciated.
Don't talk to me like I'm less than you,
Don't have a tone that makes me not want to listen.
Be loyal to me and I will to you.
Share excitement for life,
the art found in the ordinary.
Let me fall asleep in your arms
even if I drool,
you can laugh at me about it later.
But don't just laugh at me,
Laugh with me, oh my god laugh with me.
If you don't have a sense of humor
this will never work,
your life won't work in fact,
it will go on strike
if you can't laugh your way
out of the depths of a bad day.
Open my mind to ideas I may have not met
Open my ambition that can be stubbornly stuck.
Open me up when I stitch my words up.
Give me a shake when I won't move.
Help me without pointing it out all the time.
Don't scold me when I don't act like a lady,
it will happen.
I know you won't always be a gentleman,
but oh yes, you are going to open that door for me.
Let me be secretive but don't let me have secrets.
Keep kissing me.
Have sex with me,
have feelings with me.
Love me for what I have in me
and what I don't have in me.
Don't be afraid of my tears.
Keep them quiet by understanding,
by wrapping me in your arms.
Tell me stupid stories,
tell me the chronicles of your life.
Ask about mine.
Don't let me slump into a routine,
Unless we go out for take out every week,
that's perfectly fine.
Be responsible, but have a drink.
Have a couple, and then have me.
Look at the world with wonder,
and share this curiosity with me.
Tell me romantic words,
and write them down
so I can save them
and then show you this
and tell you this is about you.

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