Sunday, January 3, 2016

The seas of romantic memory & passion
         push you into me again.
You word your mistakes so clearly;
         as if you knew them all along, 
         the words to our song.
As if you thought even at the time
         it was wrong.
So I listen carefully but I don't look.
After awhile the seas in my heart evaporate
         to reality raining on my head,
         to your look over at me that says "this again?"
I feel dull and you feel restless.
I pull until I realize 
        there was never anything in my hands.
You leave my touch but not my mind
where I smash words together 
trying to dissect your expressions.
I ask for & about you
& everyone asks why.
I have no answer,
        Except the rain turning into seas again;
A welcome change from a lonely calm
        I haven't let evolve.
A peace within solitude 
        seeming like a distant rescue,
But the only way I can escape you.
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