Thursday, August 5, 2010

when i hear people say "i'm not good at writing" I usually say something like: "Maybe you are and you just don't know it. If you write a little something everyday about whatever, something that happened to you, a memory, somebody rude you encountered, something that made you smile, or just what youre might be more interesting than you think. Just remember that whoever reads it or is listening is not inside your head so you have to describe it as best as you can with that in mind. The problem with writing is that most people try to force it into something before it ever is anything. You should let your thoughts flow, let the words build and grow, let the characters form a soul, let it all spill out first. It doesnt have to be poetry, it might just become it."

I'm not even following my own advice. I wanted to write more because Stacy told me she started to read my blog and it made me feel good. I forgot that kind of connection. I miss school mostly because I was forced to write and even when I had a massive foot noted beast to write, I wrote poems and other things about my life as a means of procrastination. Why do I lack so much discipline? I don't like being told what I should do. Even if I'm telling it to myself. My writing teacher last year told me I should never start a sentence like that last one I wrote. Well I like it. It's dramatic. D for disobedience for that.

It doesn't all have to be fucking poetry! I like a seasoned swear word here and there. It's like adding some pepper but if you use too much, it's not good. I would get so excited when my Shakespeare teacher would swear because I knew she really meant it. If every other word you use in your vocabulary is a swear word I'm not really sure what you mean...

I'm going to try to write something every day...even if I don't publish's for me...and it doesnt have to be doesnt have to be FUCKing poetry

but I love you. (You)

so I won't stop writing if you please won't stop reading
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