Saturday, December 17, 2011

Inside I feel tangled. I never would have thought it would be like this.
but nevers are severe and I dont know if I believe in them.
Nevers can change and then they lose meaning. Love doesnt lose meaning though, and I believe that with my full heart. However long or short your time together, it meant something and is carried with you for your whole life. If the love was there it isnt just eradicated- it existed, it rested in your chest, it spread through your skin and you shared that feeling with someone. you gave them your love. its not as though it meant nothing, that it never affected you at one time. Love overwhelms me and I would say that I am in love with it.
my heart is breaking too if you can believe that. If you can read this. I cant apologize enough, or maybe I can...because there's only so many sorrys you can hear. I tell you I love you because I do. I dont say that without meaning, without feeling. I live for love. I have been living for love. I just want to make sure its right. what im doing is right. not that everything has to be right...just...want to make sure my head is in the right place. I need to step back...I need to see what I want to do. not based on anyone else. What do I really want? what the fuck do I want
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