Tuesday, March 27, 2012


When things are not right,
It hangs in your eyes,
I feel you getting cold,
I hear it in your voice, the world getting old,
I see you shrink from bold.
You wear your heart on your sleeve
So when you grab the microphone,
It pours out through it
and audiences come to watch you let it out,
Feel it explode over their heads.
As prickly as you can appear to be,
I know you are vast emotionally.
You think youre crazy,
and I think all musicians are a little bit,
All artists with a romance for life,
Despite how many times they are burned by it,
Have a passion for more,
Even when they feel so small at times.
I see you beat yourself up
and I want to put your fists at your side
because it hurts to see those freckles watered in distraught,
and I seek to pull up the negative roots
Because your mood, like your laugh, infects,
It doesnt hide, it projects.
I hear you struggle with your vices
and my only advice is
to remain unfiltered, as you are
Stay imagining, hoping, even riddled, as you are
Stay chaotic, sweet, & fervent
Stay complicated, lively, whimsical,
The unicorn-riding rockstar who I love,
You have a crowd to please.
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