Thursday, March 22, 2012

the tongue

When did kissing even start? who was the first person to say, I just enjoy being around you so much that I need to be closer to you somehow? I'm so drawn to you that I feel it would be a good idea for our tongues to touch, to move with each other. It's already a part of pleasure- I taste things that are satisfying to me. I don't use my tongue to crack nutshells or break down tongue simply enjoys the aftermath of the crushing and breaking down that my teeth have worked so hard to do. It's also my brain of course, telling me what I do and don't like. I don't enjoy the bumpiness of tapioca but I do like the taste. I feel the texture of taste, the texture of pleasure.I do like a lot of tongue but not if it feels like you haven't brushed it. texture, taste, pleasure. I know humans had to have sex way back in the day because it explains um the many people existing now...but I don't think kissing came or "evolved" until later. Our emotions evolved, affection evolved. Maybe one day the caveman pulled the hair of a willing cavewoman, maybe she wanted to be clubbed over the head. sex became more than just hormones and creation. it become an act that led to more complicated actions & thoughts because humans became more complicated as did their thoughts. I imagine kissing started out really awkward- bumping teeth, tongues with no rhythm, too rigid, too sloppy & soft, too much spit, too primal. but then as people seemed to soften maybe thats when romance emerged. mere grunting turned into proclamations of passion. the tongue does not relieve you of an uncomfortably full bladder, make a baby or shed eggs (although some weird imagery that popped into my head just now shows me what itd be like if it did), its just there to please you. You can argue that it also forms the sounds of your words, but if you think about it that too is just an emotional, mental pleasure to have. not necessary. you can have sex without a tongue, but I don't really want to think about it. Affection is evolution. make out some more. share your spit. share your tastes.
now im just hungry and horny.
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