Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I get
you watch
a tear
roll out.
I turn
to the edge
of the bed,
I turn
my head.
You pause,
you cling
to me,
lung to lung,
branches of your limbs
over me.
No words,
just your body,
saying sorry,
please let me back in.

I want to know how
to make love personified,
magic in your eyes.

I can uncover 
the doubts you left over the
better parts of you.
I can sit with you
when your mind is restless &
your heart is tired.
But I want to hear 
your laughter more than most things,
the song I repeat.
I want to cut the 
weeds squeezing your heart, not for
flowers, but to see,
to see everything;
skies holding our ideas,
oceans of feelings. 
I know you aren't all
beautiful. Pollution does
not discriminate.
But you holding me
feels like clarity in this
convoluted life.

Haiku 57 .Laura Curren.

Please don't punish me 
for faults you've hidden from me. 
If it's real, I'll see. 

I'm going to take any insults I've held on to
& throw them down a well that I close. They don't 
disappear but they starve for attention. 
I show them I power my thoughts into actions, 
I let in light. The language I choose to keep, 
the words I choose to hear in my head affect me 
in profound ways. I need to treat myself as a friend. 
If I wouldn't say what I say to myself to anyone else, 
I should reconsider the messages. & if I feel as though I'm neglecting myself, I need to remember me. 
I should be more loving to myself 
& more curious
like I want to  
impress myself. 

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