Sunday, December 23, 2012

I will stay up late
Directing my talents towards infomercials
Not wanting to rest
But not really challenging myself either
I could learn another language
If I tried really hard
I could pursue a career
If I learn to finish things
Buckle down
Settle down
Tie something down and make it mine
Time to pack my own lunch
I don't want to just fall asleep early
I want to proudly pass out
But have enough energy for myself sometimes
Some kind of balance
Because im not very good at that (balance)
I'm extreme in all kinds of ways
Except when relating to productive things
Responsible things
I'm not extremely organized
Or neat
But I have an extreme emotional spectrum
Extreme thought
Three beers and I'm gone- extreme
Now if I could just lend these out of hand qualities
to the ones I should have in my hands
Then I would be perfectly boring and acceptable
I would enjoy a predictable day and mood
I would be pleasant but never really I've been through hell happy
I made it out alive happy

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