Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Growing up with a big brother has made me who I am. Thanks for introducing me to your sweet super nintendo and N64 so I could be a videogame nerd later on. Thanks for letting me play with you and letting my Barbies play with your legos so they could look like giant prostitutes next to them. Thanks for driving me to high school when I was a freshman and you were a senior so I didn't look like a loser waiting for the bus. Thanks for being protective and loving and showing me silly videos and making me laugh. Thanks for putting up with my horrible communication skills and telling me you love me even when I've been a dick. Thank you for always asking how I'm doing. Thank you for staying the strong and kicking that brain tumor's ass, all the while making sure everyone ELSE was okay. You are a loyal, selfless,caring, bright, silly, wonderful example of a 28 year old man. Happy birthday big brother! I love you.
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