Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Current thoughts

Get off your ass.
God damn that sandwich was good
but its going to feel heavy when I go for a run
which will be soon because Get off your ass.
I need some more music
I always need some more music,
it'll never be enough,
is that always my mentality? never enough?
no, not always.
I'm very content once I've set up my own little world,
as long as it's mine.
I always want to be closer with people
yet have a deep need to be introverted.
I drink too much
it's so fun and uninhibiting though;
maybe I'm just too scared to be that way in sober life.
I've always been shy
I don't seem like that now
but fake it till you make it!
That's been my motto lately.
So sometimes I appear confident but really I'm terrified.
Life can be scary, but I have it good.
I know I do.
I know some people will always have more money or a nicer ass or whatever
but I'm very lucky,
I want everyone to like me.
I can't stop drinking diet soda.
I have my vices.
I have my good advices.
I just wanted that to rhyme
I do have good advice I think, if only I'd follow it.
I can be quite motivational to other people despite my own lack of motivation.
This bandaid on my finger is really not helping me type,
thats what I get for washing dishes in my little sink and a giant butcher knife;
sometimes things are sharp and sneaky.
I can be sharp and sneaky
this is a long train of thought
wonder if it's going somewhere,
who cares life is good in this moment,
time for a run,
Get off your ass.
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