Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I think about those drives to Tahoe.
Loud, loud music of my choice blasting from beat up speakers, 
which at the time was any crazy electronic/melodic dubstep I approved of. 
I hear the songs now and I think of those drives. 
Songs that started with pretty voices and built up to an energy that I can't explain. 
Songs with sound waves that matched my heart beat. Driving for 3 hours and feeling nervous 
the entire way. An excitement that followed my car's speed. Long and winding into the dark. 
So dark that I didn't know what was coming. Redwoods spearing through the distance. Cold & fresh air seeping onto the glass.
A log cabin-esque looking gas station. 
A town you could miss in the blink of an eye. 
A familiar road sign that told me how far away I was 
from being wrapped in your arms. Red bull and sugary treats to keep me awake. Dark drives with flashing high beams. Late night thoughts. Excitement creeping up on me as gas drained. Excitement in my veins. 1/2 way there. I'm coming baby. 
I have to pee really bad but god damn I can't wait to kiss you. 
This drive is worth it. This all means something to me. This will be something to look back on. I'm looking back. I feel it in my heart. I remember those drives the most. That feeling. Not so much the days we spent together as the time I spent thinking about coming to you. The delay of being in your arms. The distance I travelled. The distance before we were two. The distance between me and you.
The distance I fought in the dark before I reached you.
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