Sunday, May 25, 2014

When I was barely a person
A baby you might say
I never strayed from my mothers side-
Except for this one time
When she was writing a check
And the high pitched panic in her voice
Alerted all the other 80's moms in the department store
That something wasn't right.
They lifted their teased haired heads up
like a Flock of Concerned Seagulls.
They knew something wasn't right
Because where the fuck was I?
I was being collected by some strange lady
Casually steering me out the doors and to the parking lot but
A good strange lady instinctively knew that I didn't belong to this person,
And brought me to my infinitely grateful mother
And I wonder
For a slight and scary second
What my life would be like if I had gone past that parking lot.
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