Saturday, May 31, 2014

Who's to say I'm in not in pain all day
When compared to what's consistent to another person
And how do they know that they hurt less than normal
Or more
When there's no "control" group
To be compared to
Normal was a word crafted
Out of the extraordinary fact that one day someone opened their mouth
And then words came out
And these were spelled to noun-ify things
And eventually, in more detail, to feel things and to sense them too,
To know that they were somehow trapped inside
before this miraculous thing
Became normal.
All I can say really is
Use those letters!
Craft them so well that they become a force greater than a punch through the wall.
Get lost in their possible meanings,
But ask
Please ask what words truly mean to say
And listen even if you don't want to hear it that way.

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