Tuesday, August 30, 2016

EDC 2014

I was on my own 
but my friends weren't far away, 
I liked being alone,
swaying my body around,
feeling the pulse of the crowd,
warm & thick with energy.
I was enchanted by neon lights
& fireworks in the sky.
Ferris wheels were turning in my eyes,
moving constantly like my feet.
My pupils cut through the crowd
to land on you
& tell you with no sound 
that you should come over here. 
You pointed to yourself 
to ask if that's what I really meant.
I laughed & nodded
so you came to meet my face
& ask if you could please 
dance with me.
You fit around me naturally,
your body felt right to me.
A kiss was as inevitable
as the flow between us.
You told me your name 
& I said mine,
you lived hours away from me
so we just sighed,
knowing names & locations 
& what we taste like, 
a moment,
a memory 
that plays like a song
pulling you towards something.

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