Saturday, August 6, 2016

The best compliment I've ever received

I was serving tables, getting paid for my smile, 
scraping my patience off of plates.
I was building a character to persuade the dollars 
out of your wallet. I was debuting small stand up routines 
& saying hello to your cute babies.
I was taking photos of your entire family 
& listening to your girlfriend bitch about the soup.
I was panicking about forgotten sides of ranch
or seeing exes & people from high school.
I was hooking your friends up with samples
& receiving passive aggressive pickup lines 
written on receipts with shitty tips. 
I was displaying my generosity & overall ability 
to be like a stripper with food.
I came up to the booth where a pleasant old man 
sat with his younger generations.
He stared directly at my stomach,
& I was thinking  
Do I have food on my shirt or am I bloated today...shit okay.
But I kept bringing plates & jokes.
I kept rushing around to small fractions 
of people's lives in their moments. 
I kept bending my arms & back to the shape of the trays,
holding the weight of drinks & expectations,
checking everyone's status. 
Every time 
the old man looked directly at my stomach.
When our time together was ending,
he said, eye level to my belly button: 
"You know, I'm blind, but I can just tell
that you're cute as hell." 

.Laura Curren.
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