Thursday, August 18, 2016

I will forget my keys 
or responsibilities- 
my memory seems 
to have no place 
for these practical things.
There is no space for simple tasks,
reminders fall off hooks 
& onto the floor,
but I still remember being four 
& seeing a red gummy bear
left behind in a planter box,
a limited edition,
gelatinous discovery 
with added pine needle texture.
This was rare because 
my mom was a nurse &
wanted only healthy things 
in our cabinets & tummies,
from-an-adult-perspective things, 
so I knew in my head  
this was an opportunity
& even with a dirt marinade 
this gummy beast
would taste like magic, 
so I ate it!
unnecessarily crunchy & sweet 
& sticky & delicious,
red dye 40 stretched & sacrificed 
over my tongue,
a little bear spread 
over my little teeth, 
a taste bud & germ party,
suspiciously delicious but worth it; 
so now can you see
why it's so hard for me 
to just forget someone? 
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