Monday, November 14, 2016

I want you to push deep into me
until we're the only ones who exist, 
until we're in another galaxy
& there's no air to breathe 
but you & me.
I want you to pull me into 
those black holes of your eyes. 
I want my exclamations to paint the skies
like chemical sunsets 
we watch from views too high.
I can't get down or see the ground.
I'm just floating here in your everything 
& your absence,
your light, your sound.  
I hold your words like stars 
& string them into constellations 
giving them meanings 
& interpreted feelings.
This magic fades at midnight 
but I always try to make it last. 
I try to make it mine but
I'm telling you I can't this time.
Sometimes fantasy 
must be sacrificed for reality.
I can't imagine you 

.Laura Curren.

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