Saturday, November 12, 2016

When I start to build a bridge

of logic & what's best for me,
you interrupt this 
by looking at me. 
Each one of your eyelashes
are matches 
& this fire distracts my view.
Such a pretty sight
burning the stability
out from under me. 

.Laura Curren.

It's all about instant gratification,  

followers & likes, 
media politics, 
facebook soapboxes. 
It's all about your internet history 
haunting you with ghosts of past clicks.
It's scrolling through thoughts already 
chewed up & digested for you. 
Watching instead of being, 
wanting a distant approval,
worshipping the shopping mall 
for opinions 
&selfie comments. 

.Laura Curren. 

Sometimes romance 
is in those moments 
that make you laugh to yourself 
in a way that only you can understand.
I knew we were in it 
but we hadn't said it 
& I don't remember the context, 
maybe it was Britney's 2007 meltdown,
but I asked you 
"Would you still like me 
if I shaved my head?"
"I would still love you 
if you shaved your head," 
you said.
& there it was!
Just like that.  
You corrected me 
in the most beautiful way.

.Laura Curren.

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