Thursday, November 24, 2016

In the attic of

my hurt feelings, one day there 
won't be space for you.

.Laura Curren.

I was layering tissue paper flowers on my paper;
they were beautiful & I had to have more of them, 
I had to murder them in glue to make them stay for me.
I was blinded by the pretty colors of my creation. 
A few wasn't enough.

My first grade teacher came over to me & started plucking at 
my artistic mulch & saying "No! No! Too much! Too much." 
Later in the year, I drew with bright colored pencils
a mountain with five flowers; 
I wasn't finished but I turned it in. This art that I felt was unfinished won an award. 
The very same thing happened a couple years later 
(this time for my incomplete pumpkins in colored pencil). 
I had to seriously question 
when to stop whenever I was creating something
& even still with music, the internet, drinks, relationships, holding on to hours of the night & their conversations...I don't know when to stop. I hold on just a little too much. 
I feel it all at once. Unfinished art may prod at me
but I'd rather drown in what I find beautiful. 
I'd rather be a mess than question my completeness. 

.Laura Curren.
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