Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Children don't have much tact. They act inappropriately, they don't always say please and thank you. They don't know any better, and sometimes even when they do, they act just to see what will happen. They want to know about everything because everything is new. New, just like them. It is important then, to have as much patience as possible with children. As an adult your words hold more presence when you express yourself, meaning that whatever energy or attitude you are putting out towards something, children will see this, feel this. I think of a moment when I was seven years old and my mother told me her friend, a woman, wanted very much to marry another woman.
"WHAT? why??" I asked because this was such a new concept to me, I didn't understand.
You said, "Because they love each other."
"But WHY?"
     "Because sometimes two women love each other or two men love each other. What's important is that there IS love."

I love you mom.
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