Thursday, September 6, 2012

You're not going to have time;
you're going to be busy being a good person
doing responsible things,
making money & paying bills on time,
reading what you're supposed to.
You're going to be approachable & dependable,
you will complete your tasks,
start projects without being asked.
You will button up your shirts,
you will stand tall as you are,
shave your face & say polite remarks.
You will stay smart
pulling out polished words.
You're not going to have time for my nonsense.
I'm going to be busy being a confused person
doing reckless things,
spending money & being late,
not finishing chapters.
I'm going to be lovingly cold & distant,
I will not finish what I've started,
I will leave without being asked,
I will undress
& I will stand smaller than my potential.
I will shave my legs & cuss,
I will stay confused
speaking words that bump into each other,
but I could love you
if you have the time.

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