Saturday, November 10, 2012

We're always full of words,
but when we see each other
they evaporate in the air,
they fall back behind our tongues.
Nerves get tangled in reality,
they get awkward and sweaty,
so we both swallow pills
and the words unfold.
The chemicals dissolve
and stir up what hasn't been said.
Love melting on our tongues,
I tell you everything.
You tell me I'm the one you wanna tell it to.
We kiss a chemical kiss.
We feel alive in chemical bliss,
but you know this isn't all illegal.
This isn't all because I made a deal.
There's real behind this.
Theres real in your eyes and mine.
Real when we wake up,
real when the exciting storm has left.
Large pupils, large hearts
bright eyes, bright fires,
look how pretty the flames are

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