Sunday, October 20, 2013

sunday night thoughts

I like songs & eyes that tell a story,
late night thoughts that creep into your consciousness,
touching with feeling, feeling with passion,
letting those eyes leak every once in awhile.
raising my voice, testing my confidence,
every once in awhile.
I like a real laugh,
a real hug,
a real moment.
I like staying up late for no real
I get lost in music,
in my mind,
& I get tired of time.
I guess those are reasons.
I want to live in the presence of love.
I want to be harbor to another's heart.
I want a touch to crave & call home.
I want a kiss that makes me forget my surroundings.
I want to bring something to your life
you didn't know was missing.
I want to brighten your vision,
your morning,
whatever, just as long as its yours.
But I must turn this attention towards myself
because that will always be my best love affair
& someone will discover me for who I am
when I'm not looking for a moment,
but enjoying one of my own
I get so distracted by love,
& it will see me when it wants,
but come on, don't you look
when something beautiful walks by?

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