Sunday, October 20, 2013

What do I believe?

I don't think God created people in his image. I don't think it's His or Hers for that matter. I don't think God would be called God. Why is it called God? Allah...Zeus and friends..I don't know where the word came from but I've also never studied the Bible or the Koran or any dense religious reading material. I am ignorant in that sense. I am not an atheist. I am not Christian, Protestant, Jewish, Catholic, Muslim. I am not religious.

I am a thinker and a believer. I am spiritual. I am aware of things not everyone is. I feel deeply. I empathize. I know there are two sides to every story. I have caused pain and I have been hurt. I know through pain you may find understanding or appreciation. To me, God is Love and the Devil is Hate.

Love is a universal force that we don't completely understand. We have ideas about it, we've experienced it in different ways, but you can't see it the way someone else does and you never will. It can make you feel like there's nothing else in this world, sometimes too much so. In those cases people who are burned by it may reject it, though they need it in some form or another. A mother's love can lift a 2,000 lb car off her son, just like my mom's friend did. No need to explain super human strength when the rush of adrenaline and fierce loyalty of love prevents broken ribs. Love has the power to give more meaning to your life. I don't believe God punishes anyone directly. Or who knows, sometimes I think about reincarnation and people coming back in order to prove they can be even better than the last life they led. I talked to a friend of mine about that for awhile. I told him I think maybe we just keep coming back until we get it right. Over and over. He smiled and looked at me and said "I don't think I got it right this time." Yeah, me neither, but I would still love to see what's ahead.
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