Saturday, March 22, 2014

For a new baby Curren (not mine!)

Welcome to our love and special take,
Here you are already in open arms.
I wonder if you'll have me and my brother's nose
Or maybe your mom's cute little one.
I bet you'll be smart,
Maybe shy and sweet,
Perhaps a little devil as my brother seemed to be.
But every day that your heart grows,
I bet it's growing bigger than most
Because where you come from
Will love you
Before you know what that is.
They will show you how to be kind
& build your self esteem,
Paint nails and rep your favorite teams,
& meet a furry pillow named Jake.
(He might be a little jealous of you for awhile but will love you too)
They'll help you build your dreams
As you came to them as one;
Unexpected yet welcomed,
Like discovering that you love someone.

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