Thursday, March 6, 2014

to someone special

I may do stupid shit.
I might get sensitive. (sometimes, maybe)
I might put words in your mouth
until I figure it out.
I might lose the sparkle in my eye,
but it'll come back when I laugh.
I won't always say the right things,
I might get mean
& make you walk home in the cold.
But I would very much like to:
Conquer couches & different cities.
Burn you so many mixes
that your music library is in flames. (on fiyahhhh)
Show you what I like-
those thrones with games.
& just like you described;
I am a wave,
full of exhausting passion,
but a fun ride nonetheless.
I can be exciting
like thunder & lightning
& I can be myself & no one else,
& if you let me,
I would very much like to
learn about, from, & with you.
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