Friday, March 21, 2014

opening up like a sexual little flower
creating my own visions
forming an idea of life
trying to live my ideals
testing my patience
& heart
finding more questions than answers
finding answers I wasn't questioning
Love finding me
in various states;
being at peace
ironically produced the most fire,
a consuming desire
to know me.
searching for passions.
looking for a frame
of a future picture.
looking, looking.
and finding the light in your eyes.
im only 26
but someones only younger than that
my life is not settled
its very childish
i still get wild
make people talk shit
still cause eyes to roll
and have no real plans.
in the moment
& as silly as I sound.
I don't mind what you do
as long as you do it with love
I wish for more of that in everyones life
I wish for sighs of relief
found wallets and keys
I wish for looks only the two of us can know
for just being happy to see you
before dialogue or sunlight
when youre the first thing i touch
when you and sleep are within reach
hearing you laugh in the morning
im getting distracted
by your look in my mind
& always by
the love i find
though it was always there

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