Saturday, July 19, 2014


You were drunk.
& peeing.
& crying.
I stood in the doorway to watch this toilet sinking ship.
"Youre just leaking everywhere!" I joked.
You laughed, hugging yourself;
the ultimate release.
Then you forgot your laughter
& went back to moaning.
"I'm not worthy of being lovedddd," you cried.
& wailed,
mascara lightning bolts down your cheeks.
"Oh shut the fuck upppp," I said.
"Would you listen to yourself? I'm not worthy of being loved..
what bullshit!
You are more than deserving,
so just stop it."
Then you started to laugh again.
"Maybe I'm just being a liiiiittle bit dramatic," you said.
& we laughed and I helped you up off your ass.
You flushed away some of your misery.
I forced you to eat some microwaved tortellini
& we watched that awful show you love
 & you fell asleep.
If that's not love I don't know what is.
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