Friday, July 25, 2014

In these moments
I feel lost and hopeless,
I feel the need for arms telling me it's okay,
I feel the need for a hold to escape my reality,
A touch so intense I forget where I am.

I want so badly
to spread these feelings
over someone else,
To know what it's about,
What I am for all
& none to see,
What I am to you
& what I am to me.
I want to give that to you
but I am lonely and I am restless,
Kind yet reckless,
& scared of my potential;
My mind is the only fence I create,
& I'm so lucky that's the case,
So lucky I knew what love was
before it was ever a word in my world,
to translate word to thought,
to action,
to state of being,
& that's why
to me, and my world
life is worth living!

these moments
when I don't know
what to do
or who to see,
or how exactly to be me....
These moments
when I search not for resolution,
but feeling,
feeling connected,
feeling close,
When I can't do anything but hold myself,
my breath,
my hopes,
these moments,
are just for me.

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