Saturday, January 28, 2017

I used to dig my nails into jagged edges
that I called love.
I wanted to believe my grip 
scratched the surface of untapped feelings
& this weight would become lighter 
if I just pushed harder, looked further,
if I still climbed for you,
held on for you.
I kept cutting my hands on potential.
I'd sweat & bleed to be someone you need
but it took me so long to see 
it's not because I was weak 
that I couldn't pull myself up.
I clung to ideas 
facing the wrong way.
I was afraid of turning around 
& falling down
but really it was 
flirtatious fear keeping me 
I chose to stop reaching for 
what doesn't reach for me.
I loosened my hands
& told myself,
to trust where my heart 
carries my body, 
to let myself be pulled 
by love's gravity,
let go 
let go 
 let go.  
.Laura Curren.
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